Delivery Information

Usually it takes just 2 hours to deliver the product key. Maximum time required for delivery of product keys via email is 2 business days (sunday will be holiday). We do not provide refund for late delivery of keys. In case of any unexpected reason, if it gets delayed from our end for a week  (the product goes out of stock and we are unable to deliver in a week), we will provide refund in 7 business days once the refund is initiated. Refund process is handled by our payment partners. As said before, it may take up to 7 days to finish the refund process.

Avoid guest checkouts and register with us to confirm a good quality of service for your orders. Still guest checkouts are permitted to place orders.

For the products mentioned as physically deliverable, we will be using Indian local shipping services that are best available to ship in your area. Customers are requested to provide correct delivery address and pin codes in order to get hassle free delivery.  Normally all the physical item deliveries are fulfilled in a week, in case it gets late, you are requested to track the shipment and be in contact with the logistics providers and cooperate with us.

Also read our Terms Of Service to get more clarity about our service.